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Help to prevent NY State from stealing our freedom and personal health choices.

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This legal battle is complex. And the Attorney General's Office has an army of skilled lawyers. While Chad tried taking this case pro bono; litigating a winnable case requires a lot more time and energy than he anticipated. Plus, court costs, filing fees, and administrative expenses. In addition, after we won, the State appealed as expected. There is a long road ahead of us. This is not over, Chad is powering through, but he can't put in the effort required, at the expense of his law practice. Democracy is at stake here. Chad is taking the case on ''low bono'' instead of pro bono. We are trying to collect enough so he does not lose money, and can help as many folks as possible. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. It is also an opportunity for you to contribute to restoring democracy, for ourselves and our children.

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