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LaVeglia Moves To Sanction Attorney General's Office

April 7, 2023
By: Lee Harringer

Punisher Skull

In Demetriou et al., v NYS DOH et al., ("masking case") Chad LaVeglia has been defending freedoms that go well beyond masks. It impacts everyone. It is a war of attrition. Recently, the AG's Office asked the court to dismiss its appeal, BUT also asked that CJ Law's victory be vacated. The result would be like nothing happened. Then any Governor could simply do something like this again. With the snap of her fingers. We are not waiting for that to happen. The Governor won't let this go, but her army of lawyers are no match for LaVeglia in the courtroom. Which is why the AG's Office, led by Letitia James, crossed the line its recent motion. They resorted to straight up lies, and deception in a feeble attempt to win. Driven by desperation and arrogance, the AG's Office made multiple false statements. Many of them were not obvious. The attorney handling the case for the AG's Office is a skilled writer. But he foolishly still hasn't realized who he is up against. LaVeglia moved the court to sanction the attorney for his conduct and vacate the stay. Moving for sanctions is reserved for rare cases. It is seldomly used and should only be utilized in exceptional circumstances. This was one of them. Hopefully, justice will prevail, and the attorney will be held accountable. He messed with the wrong bull.

What is your freedom worth?

We are fighting to protect the future of children everywhere. Because a society governed by tyranny is no future at all. Of course, this case also has a significant impact on the present. One day, history wll recognize how monumental this case is. By we, I mean myself and Michael Demetriou (not a lawyer). We stand alone on the battlefield, fighting with everything we got. LaVeglia has donated about 400k in billable hours to preserve liberties that most of you don't know you have. He does it because he believes in the Constitution. He believes in freedom for everyone. Not just a group of like minded people. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the same rights and freedoms. Irrespective, of political views. This is the foundation of what it means to be an American. No one gets special treatment. Our children deserve a future where they are free to debate, and discover their own path. The State wants our children to be their puppets. It wants to choose their destiny for them. LaVeglia is the major force stopping them. As many punches as LaVeglia and Demetriou have thrown, they have been hit back. Their armor is dented, they are bloody, and they are tired. They cannot keep fighting much longer without your help. If you care about your God given free will then put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, there will be nothing left.

This article is the author's opinion and does not constitute a judicial finding of fact or wrongdoing by the entities and persons mentioned herein. They are merely allegations until an official judgment is rendered.

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