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CJ Law challenges the NYC Vaccine Mandate on behalf of New York's Strongest

July 21, 2022
By: Pat O'donnell

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Life in NYC is pretty grim. Skyrocketing crime, a crumbling infrastructure, and masked toddlers are just a few examples. The poisoned cherry on top however, is that anyone who works in NYC must be vaccinated. NYC workers who do not comply are prohibited from entering their workplace. When working remotely is not an option, employees who cannot enter their workplace cannot work. And people who cannot work are called unemployed. Brave men and women who serve the public have been tossed out like garbage, because they refused to be injected with genetic material that does not even stop the virus from spreading. After all, the virus has mutated so many times the original strain is now a relic. And the vaccines were invented to target the original strain. On top of that, the sickness caused by the virus (COVID-19) is like a mild cold. At worst, it causes flu like symptoms. Normally, one would expect the incompetence and oppression to end here. Yet, Eric Adams managed to surpass it.

On March 24, 2022, NYC Mayor, Eric Adams decided that professional athletes and performers (Elites) are excluded from the City's oppressive Vaccine Mandate.Why? Because they generate a ton of revenue and the mandate placed them at a competitive disadvantage. The mayor did not stop there though. He extended the exclusion to cover people who accompany the athletes and performers--the elite by proxy. Eric Adams essentially told the working class, the people who actually perform functions essential to NYC, that they don't matter. Men and women who make up NYC's finest, bravest, boldest, and strongest were thrown to the wolves. Almost 20 sanitation workers are going to show Adams why they are NYC's strongest.

On July 20, 2022, CJ Law commenced a lawsuit against Eric Adams, New York City and other City agencies. Lead attorney Chad J. LaVeglia said "On March 24th Mayor Adams took a swing at the Constitution and the people it protects. Eric Adams is just a man. He is not a king. He does not have the power to pick and choose who must get vaccinated based on their socioeconomic status or perceived value. The Mayor's actions are constitutionally forbidden and unlawful. He cannot exclude Elites from the mandate but require the folks who clean up their garbage to get vaccinated. In a court of law, he strikes out." CJ Law launched a comprehensive lawsuit attacking NYC's Vaccine Mandate from multiple angles. CJ Law and the brave sanitation workers standing up to Adams hope to get justice for the thousands of other NYC workers who have been, and continue to be, harmed by the Vaccine Mandate.

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