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"We Are Versatile Trial Lawyers Who Aggresively Fight For Our Clients Without Fear Or Trepidation "

-Chad J. LaVeglia Esq

Legal Titans

CJ Law was founded in 2019 by Chad J. LaVeglia Esq. Chad spent a decade serving the public as a trial attorney for an elite, non-profit criminal defense firm and then as an Assistant District Attorney. Chad's a natural in the courtroom. He gained more courtroom experience in 10 years than most lawyers do in their entire careers. His passion for justice fueled many hard-fought victories.CJ Law embodies the virtues of public service, with the sophistication and ferocity expected in bigger law firms.Every case is important and we deliver where others flounder. We take down titans because we are one.

Chad has tried 32 cases and argued over 50 pre-trial hearings. He has an exemplary record of winning and outmaneuvering his opponents. Other law firms tout themselves as trial lawyers, but they are not.

Civil Rights & COVID


When COVID-19 hit New York the Government used it as an excuse to crush individual liberties. NY State imposed the strictest restrictions in the country. Few lawyers had the skills or courage to fight the governmemt. CJ Law stepped up without any experience in the relevant areas of law and civil procedure. As a skilled trial lawyer, Chad is not limited to practicing any single area. Most lawyers can learn the law. Few can try cases. Chad is adept at both. Chad taught himself complex areas of constitutional law, administrative law, and more in less than 3 months. His experience and litigation skills were no match for the NYS Attorney General's Office. Chad swiftly defeated the government. The Court struck down the masking regulation and children across the entire state were free to smile and see each other's faces for the first time in almost a year. Chad also battled the government's on appeal until it eventually gave up.


When thousands of City workers lost their jobs because the mayor of NYC imposed an unconstitutional vaccine mandate, they sought out CJ Law. Up against enormous odds, Chad challenged the Mandate on constitutional grounds and won. Law firms, both big and small, tried defeating the Mandate and lost. Countless unions failed as well. Chad prevailed though because he possesses a unique skill set unparalleled in the legal profession. When the City appealed, Chad briefed the appeal and argued it before the 2nd Appellate Division. His versatility knows no bounds.


The NYC DOE had a ‘hunch‘ that about 83 teachers uploaded fake vaccination cards. So it discplined them without giving them the chance to defend themselves as the law requires. The DOE's blatent disregard for the law would have gone unpunished were it not for Chad. Once again, Chad swiftly defeated the DOE and got all those teachers back to work with full backpay.


CJ Law has been blazing a trail in both federal and state courts, litigating issues like religious discrimination, defamation, commercial disputes, and constituional violations of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. See why CJ Law is one of the most sought out firms in the country.


Winning Results

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Lawsuits Against:

  • Governor Kathy Hochul
  • NYS Department of Health
  • Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett
  • Mayor Adams
  • NYC Department of Education
  • NYS Unified Court System
  • & More

Bar Admission

  • New York State

  • United States District Court-Eastern District of New York

  • United States District Court-Western District of New York

  • United States District Court-Southern District of New York

  • United States District Court- District of Colorado

  • United States District Court- District of North Dakota

  • United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

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