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2022: Breakout Year

CJ Law Goes Undefeated. We stepped up, and hit it out of the park.

NY DOH Masking regulation (aka mandate) Declared Unconstitutional & Unenforceable. CJ Law prevents tyranny from taking over.

When Kathy Hochul violated the core tenant of our representative democracy we stepped up and prevented a dictatorship.

NYC Vaccine Mandate Held Unconstitutional. Judge Orders DSNY Employees To Be Resinstated With Backpay.

CJ Law prevails again in landmark constitutional victory.

NYC DOE Unlawfully disciplined Teachers. 80+ Teachers Reinstated with Backpay.

The NYC DOE accused over 80 teachers of submitting fake proof of vaccination. The DOE disciplined the teachers without giving them any due process. CJ Law knocked back the NYC DOE. As a result, all the teachers were reinstated with backpay.

June 2, 2023
Innocent Patriot Mom Found Not Guilty of False Accusations

Defending the Innocent

April 7, 2023
CJ Law Moves To Sanction AG's Office

No one is above the law

December 9, 2022: NY POST
Judge Fights Back

CJ Law brings lawsuit on behalf of unvaccinated Judge who allowed in the court as an attorney but not as a judge.

December 2, 2022
Riverhead School District Is In For A Reckoning

Lawsuit against School District For Cruel Masking Policy and Policing.

July 21, 2022
16 Sanitation Workers Take On The Big Apple

CJ Law challenges the NYC Vaccine Mandate on behalf of New York's Strongest

July 18, 2022
NY Court System Vaccine Mandate

CJ Law Fights NY State Courts Vaccine Mandate

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