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The Law Office of Chad J. LaVeglia (Firm or CJ Law or We or Us) provides the following disclaimer in compliance with RULE 7.1 of the New York State Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys and any other rule contained therein that may be applicable. This disclaimer is intended to prevent even the appearance of impropriety. We therefore attempt to go above and beyond the governing ethical standards. Nothing contained herein creates an attorney client relationship. Nor does the information provided constitute legal advice. All content herein is attorney advertising. Past outcomes do not guarantee future results. Nothing in the law is ever guaranteed. Any figures, percentages, or statistics provided are estimates based on the firm's own calculations and subjective opinion. Win, or winning results as used throughout depends on a large number of variables and can be highly subjective. Generally, it means that the outcome placed individual clients in situations perferable to the one they started in, irrespective of the facts and evidence. Thus, a client charged with a B felony for example, whose case is resolved with a conviction to a lesser charge is considered a winning result for these purposes. Or for instance, where such an individual might be convicted of the top charge but received a lenient sentence because of mitigation strategies, We consider that a winning outcome. In civil matters, winning results means at a minimum a favorable outcome under the circumstances. Under no circumstances, is Firm claiming or representing winning results to mean the dismissal of every charge or winning across the board. Every case is different. The facts of each case and the evidence affect the outcome. In the previous example, if the State had weak evidence then a conviction for a C felony would not be a winning result for example. However, it is not possible to quantify such matters given the variation of facts and evidence, plus the sheer number of clients We have represented. Therefore, the previous definition is used herein generically to err on the side of caution and to avoid any appearance of deception or misleading commentary. Firm works hard for every client. We practice the law with integrity, honesty, and a commitment to serving the ends of justice, and achieving the best result possible under the unique facts of each and every case. We advocate zealously and passionately. Any percentages and numbers used herein represent the Firm's good faith belief, in the estimate provided based on our memory and written records. It is not based on any precise formula. Again, each case is unique. For instance, Firm represented a client accused of murder. The evidence was overwhelming but Firm's client wanted to go to trial. The client was convicted of murder but the jury acquitted the client of other charges. Firm presented an excellent defense and almost won. Client was very satisfied with Firm's representation. However, this DOES NOT count as a winning result as used here. Although, Firm provided excellent representation, the result does not reflect it. Since, excellent representation is not quantifiable and self serving we do not include it in any numbers or figures.FIRM DOES NOT MAKE ANY PROMISES OR GUARANTESS AS TO THE FUTURE OUTCOME OF ANY LEGAL MATTERS OR PROCEEDINGS

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Attorney Advertising: Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes

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